Rajasthan Hindi High School ( Hindi & English Medium )    
Rajasthan Hindi High School ( Hindi & English Medium ) ( Hindi & English Medium )
School Rules
  1. Refinement of manner, habits of obedience and order neatness in person and dress, and punctuality are required at all times.
  2. During working hours, order and silence are to be kept while around the premises, Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is never allowed.
  3. Books, newspapers, periodicals, toys and other unnecessary materials must not be brought to the School.
  4. Previous sanction of the Principal is needed for any organized school activity.
  5. The school is not responsible for lost Books, Money, Clothes etc.
  6. Any kind of damage to the school building or school property is to be made good by compensation.
  7. Parents should see that their wards attend the School regularly in full school uniform.
  8. Warning cards will be issued to students for breach of discipline.

Attendance and Leave

  1. Regular attendance is an important element for sucessful work. How
    ever if the student is absent or wishes to remain on leave, the record along with the reason of absence should be briefly written in the diary.
  2. If a pupil is absent for 15 days without information, his name may be removed from the class register.
  3. No pupil may absent himself from any examination except by reasons of health, in which case a medical certificate is required.
  • Uniform for Girls:
    White blouse, Biscuit Colour Pinafore, Black Shoes, White Socks and , Red Ribbons, Red Sweater and Red Scarf in Winter.
    Uniform for Boys:
    White Shirt, Biscuit Colour Pant, Black Shoes, White Socks, Navy Blue Sweater in Winter.
  1. Parents will readily understand that a good amount of study and serious home study is required for success, so pupils must devote time towards their work at home too.
  2. Private tuitions are discouraged and should be resorted to only after taking prior permission from principal. Education Board has stricktiy prohibited tuitions.
  3. Report of a pupil's conduct and progress will be given from time to time in the School Diary. Parents are expected to take note of these reports.
  • Test and Examinations are conducted periodically to evaluate the progress of the child. Corrected answer books can be seen on days fixed.
  • Class work, Oral work, Written work, will all be taken into consideration at the time of internal marking for promotion.
    --  The Standard for passing is 35% ineach subject.
    --   Promotion of students to a higher class or standard is granted if the stu­dent passes in all subjects in the final result. Others will be promoted according to the promotion rules.
  • Prizes and scholarships will be awarded to Meritorious students:
    --  (Dedicated by Ashok Mittal) Shri N. C. Sharma award
    --    Jayantilal Award for inter school debate.
    --    Awards & Certificate in Sports
    --    Medals & Trophies for best performance in various state and National /^ Level competitions.
  • Bring it to class DAILY.
    Note important points in it.
    See that the notes by Teachers, Principal and Parents are duly signed.
    Maintain the leave record, Absence Report, Library Record, Co-curicular
    In General Be Neat, Be Punctual and Sincere in your work.

Different types of extra curricular activities are organized by the school from the time to time giving opportunity to students to show their talent and at the same time helping them to refine their potential.

[1] The Students Council is an organization of the best behaved and ca­pable leaders chosen by the students and interested with the order
and discipline of the school and other activities.

[2] Gujarati, Hindi, English and Sanskrit, Literary Societies foster the
students love for Languages. Debates, Prayer, Songs, elocution,
essay competitions are held under this category.

[3] The science club foster in students a spirit of research and
encourages them to go deep in to facts of science, Love of nature,
inventions of new methods, discoveries and have good reasoning power
and understanding.

[4] The computer section run by Rajathan Sewa Samiti imparts basic
knowledge of Computer programming.

[5] 'Skills for Adolesence' Gives students guidance and knowledge to face
the various problems of teenage.

[6] The School Library and Reading room gives the students plenty of
materials for study, relaxation, knowledge and guidance. The subjects
are of varied interest.

[7] School Tours and Picnics: To places of historical or national interest
are conducted regularly by the school.

[8] The National cadet corps (NCC) Junior division Air Wing for boys trains
students of std VIII to be disciplined, well organized and rouses their
patriotic sentiments.

[9] The various tests at School Level, State Level, National Level are
conducted in the school, which give opportunities to deserving
students to plan for their future.

[10] Social welfare activities are organized as per the need of the hour.

[11] Jeevan Vigyan Yog classes

[12] Scout-Guide and Craft activities

[13] English speaking clases

[14] Personality Development and Career Counselling

[15] Science club Science Olympiad, Science Models (DEO,PRL,plasma)

[16] Eco Club: CEE activities, Tera Quiz

[17] SankalpSetu

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