Rajasthan Hindi High School ( Hindi & English Medium )    
Rajasthan Hindi High School ( Hindi & English Medium ) ( Hindi & English Medium )
Remedial Support
    • Health awareness program:-
    1. It was conducted by LIONS CLUB. They distributed books and explained about physical changes among adolescents. The club members talked on behavioral problems of the students. The books illustrate the physical growth and emotional changes and how to deal with adolescents.
    • Extra classes for weak students:-
    1. Every year our school organizes extra classes for weak students. They are given guidance, motivation and inspiration. Children who are weak in maths, science, English and social studies are taught by concerned teachers.
    • Health & hygiene for girls:-
    1. Every year ‘Procter & Gamble’ company organizes a T.V show for girls to make them aware of health and hygiene. They explain about the gender differences and body changes. They also prepared them to face life boldly.
    • Save the Girl Child:-
    1. It was organized by “BSA Hercules company”. The motto of the rally was “Save the Girl Child”. T-shirts and caps were provided to the students. Cycle rally was organized from our school to Gandhi- Ashram.
    • Health Check up program:-
    1. Preliminary check up of eyes, ears, stomach and body is conducted regularly and futher treatment is given by reference.
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