Rajasthan Hindi High School ( Hindi & English Medium )    
Rajasthan Hindi High School ( Hindi & English Medium ) ( Hindi & English Medium )
Community Services
  • Help Age India. Children of our school collected money for this institute. The fund was collected and given to the concerned people to help poor children.

  • Bihar Flood Relief.  Our school children collected money, cloths, utensils and grains for flood affected people. Food packet and first-aid boxes were also provided by them. All kind of help was provided by our school children as well as our institute.

  • Earthquake. When earthquake occurred in 2001. Our children and all the teachers helped the affected people. Food-packets, cloths, utensils and medicinal help were provided to the people. Whenever such calamities occur, our children are always ready to help.

  • Visit to Cancer Hospital. Our school organized this visit. The students cisited cancer hospital, met the patients and saw T.V shows. There they came to know how guttka, paan-masala and tobacco affect our body. The doctor of the hospital advised the children not to follow the bad habits. All kinds of help were provided to the cancer patients.

  • Conclusion. Children are made aware and alert about social service programme and their role in society.
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