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School Rules


Based on the guidelines from Education Dept Govt ofGujarat irrespective of economic background admitted in junior k.g. at the age of 3 years to be completed on 31 st August with a corresponding year in next classes.


  • Reach school well on time.
  • Students are not allowed to bring in any valuables (watch, ornaments, and mobiles).
  • School will not be responsible for the loss of same.
  • Parents are not allowed to go to the staffroom / classroom during school hours.
  • In case of emergency contact office.
  • Private tuitions are discouraged .It be resorted to only after the Principals consent.
  • Parents should check the school calendar daily for any sort of intimation or information from the school authority.
  • The student should not remain absent except under unavoidable circumstances, for which an application must be submitted.
  • In case of sickness a medical certificate along with the application must be submitted.
  • A student suffering from infectious ailment should not be sent to school later on joining must produce a fitness certificate.
  • Students are not allowed half days leave until there is an emergency.
  • If a child is absent he/she must make up for all the work missed out.


During the Academic year students are assessed by tests (oral & written) and promoted according to the next standards. Meritorious ones are awarded and in case of shortfalls parents are interacted from time to time and the child is assisted to achieve required result and success.

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